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New ownership, new management, and a new name Apex

Stables!!  Improvements are happening here at the property. 

Improvements in our lounge, tack room, and

tack up area. Come along for the ride and watch as we make

improvements to your boarding experience.


Our mission is to offer positive, encouraging, and fun for

all who board here.  


There is plenty of room to share the indoor arena, outdoor

arena, outdoor dressage arena, covered round pen, and hotwalker.  

And there are trails that are easily accessible right from the property. 

 Our goal is that our facility is boarder friendly so you can

come anytime to work your horse.  


We DO NOT offer horses to rent nor do we supply horses

for recreational riding. 


Horse Boarding 

in Spokane Washington

Apex Stables offers sixteen acres with horse boarding in Spokane, WA with amenities available to all boarders. Why spend all day traveling to your horse, when you can be with your horse in minutes.


We offer multiple stalls with runs, large paddocks with shelters, and larger multi-horse with paddocks.    All boarders have access to indoor and outdoor arenas, hot walkers, round pens, wash stations, tack room, tacking areas, and much more!

Indoor Arena

Our 120' x 60 indoor riding area is enclosed so you can train all year round!  Summertime training indoors is a perfect time to use this space. With the doors open it allows a nice breeze to flow through the area. The arena is shared with other boarders to train when it's convenient for you.  We have options to reserve the space for private training as well.  Ask us about that! 


Outdoor Arena 

Our outdoor arena measures 100' x 200' is available to our boarders too!  Come out and train in the spring, summer, and fall.  This arena is not maintained in the winter due to the elements. But it's ready to go in the spring for your training needs. 


Covered Hotwalker + Covered Round Pen 

Perfect place to cool down your horse after a good workout.  Out of the elements if it's raining or snowing. Your horse will thank us!  Want to do some individual work with your friend, use our lunging area anytime. 


Washing Rack 

After a long session of training in the summer (or any time of year), use our wash rack to cool your horse down or just give them a nice bath.  They'll love you for it!

Coming soon is our indoor wash rack with warm water for those times when its just too cold to clean your horse outside. 

Image coming soon

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