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RD Ranch Versatility

Horse Training, Clinics and Equine First Aid Training 

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Stalon and Teresa have both worked with horses their whole lives. Stalon grew up traveling the nation doing clinics alongside his dad Greg Robinson (multiple time Ranch Versatility World Champion.) Starting and riding horses that would later go on to be world champions was something Stalon had the privilege to grow up doing. He was the youngest rider to qualify for the WSRRA championship not once but twice. Later he moved on to showing at the state and national level. Ranch roping is one of Stalon’s biggest passions and he has a talent for teaching new and advanced ropers. Stalon knows just how important the hoof of a horse is consequently, he attended and graduated Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School and offers trims to a limited number of clients.

Teresa grew up outside of Spokane riding in clinics at her family's ranch and arena. As a result, she started training horses at a young age and is a ACTHA and Ride The West trail competition youth champion, riding her 3 year old horse. Teresa has a passion for working with young horses going into a performance career. Horse health is essential in working with all ages of horses therefore, Teresa has spent years studying equine nutrition and bodywork and has a degree in Livestock Production. When she is not training horses, Teresa works part time as an Emergency Communications Officer (911 call receiver.) This instilled a new passion to become an Equine First Aid instructor to teach horse owners how to be their own first responder for their horses.



At RD Ranch Versatility Horses we put a HUGE focus on foundation and being and advocate for the horse. Why? Because if you have a good foundation and you never ride your horse beyond their ability for that day, they will never have a reason to not to trust you. They will never have a reason to get worried, they will never have a reason to spook, they will never have a reason to buck, kick, or bite. If you want a horse that will do anything for you (even if it’s their first time) and never quit you no matter how long and hard the day is then take the time to build a correct foundation. Before you know it, there is nothing you shouldn’t be able to accomplish on a horse. The horse will tell you exactly what they need and we are here to listen, not push them through a cookie cutter program.

In our program we specialize in creating willingly guided, all around horses that excel in and out of the show pen with an uncompromising focus on the horse’s physical and mental health. 

We require a 60 day minimum and $400 deposit to hold your training spot. Space is limited in our program so contact us today to reserve your spot. 


Our group instruction offerings include Roping, Green Horse Versatility, Cattle Clinics, Horsemanship and Green Horse Clincs, Equine First Aid and much more.


Follow us on our Facebook page will you will find our latest clinics and group training.

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Teresa is a native of eastern Washington where she grew up on a working cattle and bison ranch, horses have always been apart of her life and she is an advocate first and foremost for her equine partners. She has 15 years of experience training horses professionally, although she did take time to serve her community as a 911 communication officer, her heart still belongs to the equine world. From working as a first responder she has come to realize that we need to become our own first responders in a crisis.


Are you interested in holding course at your facility or taking a course locally? Contact us today, we'd love to chat. 

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