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Why should I board my horse at Apex Stables?

1. Location. Location. Location.  We are conveniently located in North Spokane, 1.5 miles off of I-395 at Hatch Road.  Five Minutes from Fred Meyer at Wandermere.  Quick and easy access from the I-395, Newport Highway (I-2), and Division Street. This means more time with your horse and less time on the road.  

2. Boarder Friendly.   We are committed to putting our borders first!  We will never overbook our facility to outside organizations, which means more time in our arenas for you and your best friend.  Bring your trainer and schedule our arenas for private one-on-one time with no distractions (small fees apply for private use).   Or train with others at no additional charge.

3. Top Grade Feed.  APEX Stables receives Timothy hay from the best suppliers. This ensures your horse is not switching quality or types of hay, which may cause health issues, such as colic. 

4. Slow Feeders. We have built out our slow feeders for each of our paddocks.   Slow feeders help reduce stress and anxiety and promote healthy digestion. Improved gut motility.

5. Caring Staff.  We get to know your horse personally.  Feeding is consistent and according to what you want. We respect your desires as the owner and will always contact you with any questions or issues. This provides you with ease of mind. 


6. Great Atmosphere. For horsemanship at your pleasure.  Come and go when you want, which means you can ride when you want.  All boarders can access indoor and outdoor arenas,  hot walkers, round pens, dressage arena, tack room for storage, and more. 

7. Drama-FREE Zone.  Our goal is that all borders and horses feel like family.  We accept all kinds of people with all kinds of beliefs, ideas, and personal experiences.   

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